Microsoft rolls out update to its Beam game-streaming platform

Beam Microsoft has been making notable improvements to the experiences on its Twitch competitor, Beam, since it purchased the startup this past August. A major update was just launched globally for the service which highlights a new faster video player, Xbox Live sign-ins, and a redesigned home page that makes the service’s various communities more visible to users. These features had… Read More

Nvidia’s new Shield TV provides the best balance for all-in-one home entertainment

nvidia-shield147a0243 The $199 device (or $299 for a larger version with a built-in 500GB hard drive) has big ambitions: Nvidia wants Shield TV to be not only the only streaming TV box you need, but also a gaming console, a smart home device and a personal digital assistant all in one. Yet it’s also virtually unchanged in terms of internal hardware from what Nvidia first released in 2015. Software makes it… Read More

Here’s what we know about the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch What? The Nintendo Switch, the convertible console formally known as the NX. The product walks the line between a home and portable console, courtesy of a docking tablet and a pair of detachable controllers that work in a number of different configurations. It also features out-of-the-box multiplayer functionality, connecting up to eight devices via Wi-Fi. How much? The U.S. MSRP for the system… Read More

Nintendo talks Switch launch titles, price point and lessons learned from the Wii U

Nintendo Switch The Switch arrives at one of the most tumultuous moments in Nintendo’s long and storied history. These last several months have seen the gaming giant finally get a little wind in its sails, thanks to the back-to-back successes of the Niantic-produced Pokémon GO and its own in-house creation, Super Mario Run. Both seem like somewhat begrudging victories for the company, after years… Read More

Hands-on with the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Moments after Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé finished his presentation, another exec took the stage to announce how things will go. The room is separated into sections; each section of attendees will follow a staff member with a Mario character on a placard. And just like that, we’re each ushered off to a game — some semblance of organization before it all… Read More

We’re probably going to pre-order the Nintendo Switch so let’s just accept it

handheldmode-switch Hey – hey. It’s me. I know you might be wrestling with the decision of whether you’re going to pre-order a Nintendo Switch when they open for pre-sales, which either started around midnight or will kick-off around 9 AM ET depending on where you’re ordering from. I’m in that very same boat. Nintendo made the Wii U, is the main issue, and we had one of those and… Read More

Where to watch Nintendo’s Switch events

switch Nintendo’s New York storefront already announced it would be offering up a limited number of pre-orders to eager customers who sign up in person. But that’s apparently just the start of the Switch-related news we can expect over the next couple of days. Tonight at 8PM PT (that’s 1PM tomorrow in Tokyo), the company will be taking to the stage to announce some key information… Read More

Nintendo Switch pre-orders will open in limited quantity on Friday in New York

switch Looks like Friday’s hands-on event isn’t the only big bit of Nintendo Switch business going down in New York City this Friday. The gaming giant’s New York store Twitter account just dropped the news that the eagerly anticipated (though barely seen) convertible console will open for pre-orders at the company’s storefront at 9AM that same day. A limited quantity of… Read More