Horizon Zero Dawn is a near-perfect action RPG on the PlayStation 4

hzd_02_4k_pro Horizon Zero Dawn appeared unique from the start – a PlayStation 4 exclusive, a novel setting, with an all-new franchise, combining survival game elements with cover shooter mechanics and real-time strategy play, all while you hunt mechanized dinosaurs in a lush, natural setting. A game with that kind of apparent quirk could go one of two ways – luckily, this one ends up being… Read More

The importance of streaming to e-sports

PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 28:  Fans watch an electronic video game tournament with the game "League of Legends" developed by Riot Games during the "Paris Games Week" on October 28, 2016 in Paris, France.  "Paris Games Week" is an international trade fair for video games to be held from October 27 to October 31, 2016.  (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) There are three key ingredients for a game or pastime to become a sport: playing, competing and viewing. The ability to play and compete are necessary steps in the transformation from game to sport. However, broadcasting and viewing are the crucial components to enable widespread adoption and popularity. Just as with offline sports, e-sports require these elements. Read More

The new Pokémon just went live in Pokémon GO and the servers are melting again

server The good news: the 80+ new Pokémon that were supposed to hit Pokémon GO “later this week”? They just went live. I caught a Chikorita! The bad news: If you were a player in the early days, things might look pretty familiar right now… in that you might just be looking at an error screen. The server seems to be having a hard time at the moment, with players reporting issues… Read More

Xbox Project Scorpio will finally get some face time at Microsoft’s E3 Event

project scorpio This year’s E3 promises to be a big show – if only thanks to the fact that the gaming convention’s organizers are opening it up to the masses. As expected, Microsoft is going to add considerable fuel to that fire as well, making the mysterious Xbox Project Scorpio a centerpiece to its own big event. Carve out some time on Sunday, June 11th, because that’s when the… Read More

The next big gold rush

treasure-chest As we look to the next evolution of our digital ecosystem, it seems certain that virtual goods will play a much larger role. From vanquishing new breeds of digital monsters to defining a modern asset class, virtual goods will enable new experiences and redefine traditional ones. Indeed, this new gold rush will create opportunities for the enterprising prospector and shovel-seller alike. Read More

Zuckerberg shows off Oculus gloves for typing in VR

oculus-gloves Oculus wants to one day let you fingerpaint, act like a super hero, and even type in virtual reality. Oculus already has its Touch controllers that are great for wielding virtual guns or picking up digital objects, but today Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new prototype for VR gloves in photos from his tour of the Redmond, Washington Oculus Research. Zuckerberg writes,… Read More

Twitch launches Communities to help gamers organize around their shared interests

twitch-communities-monitor Twitch’s push to broaden the scope of its video game streaming site to include more types of content continues today with the launch of a new section on its site called “Communities.” Designed to cater to users’ unique interests, this section initially contains hundreds of categories, some of which build on top of gamers’ interests as well as those that don’t. Read More