Halo 5: Forge gives PC users level creation powers on September 8

Halo 5 Forge Horizontal Halo 5: Forge, the level creation tool that lets players build their own worlds and create new game experiences for Halo 5: Guardians, has come to Windows 10 PCs. The free download puts gamers in the developer’s seat, and adds support for mouse and keyboard, and up to 4K resolution, likely beating out the Xbox One add-on in terms of giving you finer control over world building. Xbox… Read More

The 48 startups that launched at Y Combinator S16 Demo Day 2

yc-all-demo-day The world’s most prestigious startup school launched 48 companies today at part 2 of its Summer 2016 Demo Day. Nanoparticle analytics and delivery robots were amongst the products revealed in the B2B, biotech, enterprise, edtech, fintech, and hardware verticals. You can check out our write-ups of all 44 startups that launched yesterday, and TechCrunch’s picks for the top 7 from… Read More

Sony unveils PlayStation Now for PC and wireless DualShock 4 USB adapter

29055258292_db192fb170_k PlaySation Now, the all-you-can game subscription service that provides access to classic PlayStation titles on-demand, is making its way to Windows PCs, starting now in Europe and rolling out soon in North America. Sony’s also making it easier to game on your PC, with a DualShock 4 USB wireless controller adapter, letting you use your PlayStation 4 gamepads on both Mac and Windows… Read More

The Analogue Nt mini console is a loving tribute to NES history

battletoads The Analogue Nt mini isn’t an NES – it’s better. The third-party system created by designer Christopher Taber is a work of art in its own right, crafted from a solid piece of aluminum and offering internals that boast no-compromise gameplay experience, vs. what you’d get from a home hack using emulation software. Analogue’s Nt mini is the smaller sibling to the… Read More

More new Pokémon revealed for Sun and Moon, and one is a pile of sand

pokesand The Pokémon Company, what is going on right now. How is it possible that one of the new pocketable monsters you created for Pokémon Sun/Moon is actually a pile of sand?? Look: What are you doing to me? Do you think this is okay? Here’s what the sand blob evolves into when hit with a water attack: THAT’S A DAMN SANDCASTLE, POKÉMON! Get it together. Meanwhile, there are other… Read More

Nintendo 3DS sales up 80% year-over-year on Pokémon Go success

new-3ds-xl-12 Nintendo had a very good month in mobile gaming, according to NPD Group’s latest data. The 3DS won in both hardware and software sales for the analyst firm’s latest tracker report, with the 3DS and its family of systems (including New 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS devices) up 80 percent for July this year versus July 2015. Pokémon Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire, the latest console titles in… Read More

Facebook is building its own Steam-style desktop gaming platform with Unity

Facebook Games Facebook may try to compete with Steam, or at least win back revenue lost when casual gaming shifted to mobile. Today Facebook formally announced it’s working with game engine Unity to build a dedicated, downloadable desktop gaming platform, plus it’s broadening the Facebook.com experience for gamers. Both will allow publishers to offer their iOS and Android games on desktop in… Read More

How the VPN industry is creating its stake in online gaming

COLOGNE, GERMANY - AUGUST 05:  Visitors try out the massively multiplayer online role-playing game 'World Of Warcraft' at the Blizzard Entertainment stand at the Gamescom 2015 gaming trade fair during the media day on August 5, 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom is the world's largest digital gaming trade fair and will be open to the public from August 6-9.  (Photo by Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images) From single-player, 16-bit 2D arcade games to free-to-play online multi-player games, the gaming industry has come a long way in the last decade. We can only watch with awe as newer games surprise us with their stunning graphics and engaging game play. However, more and more game developers have jumped into the fray and started catering to the online multi-player games genre. Read More