About us

itechportal.com is where people can come together and discuss about their perspectives about technology. Technology is spoken as gaming consoles, computers, software, and such in this website. There are some special features on this website, too, which makes us unique.

itechportal is known for its:

  • Community Posting. People can actually make an account and help contribute to this website. Posting will be seen on the home page, and is where people find the latest on their favorite game, console, computer, hardware, etc.
  • Forums. This is where many members express their opinion about certain things like this website, gaming, software, hardware, and anything else. This is a perfect spot if you are confused about your gaming console, hardware, etc. since this is a place where you can get help from others.

There are many other features in itechportal.com, and to experience such, JOIN TODAY for all of your gaming and computer help!


What sets us apart?

  • We aren’t always at the forefront so we won’t necessarily post things that just happened, but we might post net phenomenons, interesting gizmos, games, and our reviews for those games.
  • We also operate and maintain a forums.
  • We don’t have much storage space…. in fact we’re running kinda low.
  • We’re still accepting new authors (hardly any of our current ones are contributing)
  • Also we’re considering implementing ads, but haven’t gotten them on there yet, so as of now it shall remain advertisement free, at least for a while.
  • Finally you can try your hand on doing the thing those editors over at gizmodo are doing.
  • You won’t get paid for doing so. Then again neither are we (yet, but we might stick in some ads to cover the server/hosting fees).
  • Much smaller, the community won’t be anywhere near as big as any of the big sites, this can be a double edged sword, for lesser members means less content and comments. But way too many can mean that your voice will not be heard (well, it will but a lesser percentage of participants will end up reading it).